Should you stop marketing during a crisis?

marketing - crisis

Is this a good time to post content and continue with your marketing? 

Uncertainty still reigns as we continue to see the current pandemic reach new heights. We are most certainly in unforeseen territories, with no previous paradigm for comparison. The panic that has reigned amongst individuals now seems to be seeping into the business landscape as we see companies and content creators halting all their marketing efforts, including content updates. 

This poses an interesting question for both brands and individuals, should you be talking right now? 

For some, it may feel uncomfortable to have a voice during such difficult times. 

However, shift the focus towards your customers, whom you have (hopefully) established a meaningful relationship with. 

Studies have confirmed, consumers develop “relationships” with their favourite brands, beyond utilitarian use. Academic research shows a person can develop an affectionate relationship, like a friend or even boyfriend with a brand they feel identified with. 

Such is the case for your brand (be it a business or a personal brand). 

Would you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend right in the middle of a pandemic? Or would you hold their hand and help them through it? 

Some people may feel uncomfortable having a voice at such difficult times. They may worry about rushed judgments, especially when sensitivity is heightened and society is in a state of alarm. But, you can’t just be a leader when things are going smoothly. 

Having a relationship is about going through the thick and thin! Part of your role as a thought leader in your community is to be your a rock and guiding light, helping them navigate through difficult times. 

But, don’t get us wrong, we do not mean keep going. As a recent article by The Marketing Society’s on brand roles during Covid-19 well notes, it’s not about the business opportunity but the greater good. It’s about acting like the leader you are and being flexible enough to reshape your content so that it brings your unique perspective and expertise, to the current situation. 

That might mean more work, but no one said it was easy.

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