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Smart Cookie Media was founded by Somi Arian, a former TV producer, in 2015.  Somi works closely with a highly talent film crew of ten people. The company is rapidly growing as Somi attracts new talent and a team of social media savvy individuals.

Somi is a passionate filmmaker. But more importantly, she is an exceptionally talented sales and marketing expert with a love of the luxury market and a deep knowledge of the millennial audience.  

From 2010 to 2015 Somi produced a number of films and documentaries including five seasons of highly popular reality series about the British culture for a leading London-based Middle Eastern channel.

Somi realised that many luxury brands face a challenge in capturing the millennial audience. In 2015 she launched Smart Cookie Media, her own production company to help bridge the gap between millennials and the luxury market.

Somi and her team have produced short films for Steinway, Savile Row, Bremont and Burlington Arcade to name but a few. The team are is currently producing a feature-length documentary about Luxury Brands in a Millennial World. The film features in-depth interviews with C level executives of Bentley, Steinway, Jaguar Land Rover, Bremont, Gieves and Hawkes and The Economist, among others. Somi also visited the United States, where she interviewed the CEO of the hottest social media agency in New York, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Born during the Iran-Iraq war when times were tough, Somi worked very hard and was offered positions at European embassies and United Nations where she learnt so much about British and European luxury, which fascinated her. In late 2014 she was part of the film crew for a project for Bentley and Savile Row, sponsored by Apple and entirely shot on the iPhone. That was a turning point when she observed the cross-section of technology, millennials and the luxury market.

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