Who We Are:

We are Smart Cookies, a bunch of creatives, led by passionate filmmaker and entrepreneur, Somi Arian. We specialise in creating high-quality web series and short films for luxury and lifestyle brands. Our goal is to help you become masters of storytelling on social media, using the medium of film.

Ultimately, we are here to help you increase your sales.

Our Philosophy:

As humans, we experience life through stories. For every event in our life, we tell ourselves a story – the story that we tell ourselves determines how we experience that event.

Selling is simply the promise of an experience, conveyed through a story.

For the bespoke/luxury and lifestyle market, this becomes even more important, because ultimately your customers come to you for the experience. With the luxury market, it’s not about what people need; it’s about what they want. Which is why having a high-quality product or service is not enough, you also need to be able to tell its story – with authenticity

The stories that you tell about your brand, shape how your customers experience it. It’s true that social media has made it possible for brands to reach their customers directly. But, holding people’s attention is harder than ever before.

How do YOU cut through the noise? How do you hold your customer’s attention?

We believe that giving your customers real value by creating engaging and inspiring content is the best way to connect with them. When it comes to content creation, film is our medium of choice. Because it engages sound AND vision, it has the highest chance of holding people’s attention.

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