The Millennial Challenge

62%   Want to be Entrepreneurs

35%  Start a Side Hustle


This means difficulty with

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Workplace Engagement
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The Solution?


workforce training - smart cookie media

Why Invest in Your Millennial Workforce?

They are:

  • The largest generation in modern history.
  • Becoming decision-makers in the workplace.
  • Driving a significant change in the work culture.
  • Interested in making an impact, beyond financial gain.
  • Attracted to the ‘entrepreneur’ lifestyle due to the independence it potrays.

What makes Millennials so dIfferent?

  • Speed of change
  • Abundance of choice
  • Economic conditions
  • Experience/access vs. ownership
  • Diversity & immigration
  • The “influencer” culture
  • They care about “They Why”!
  • Views on mental health & wellbeing
  • How they are entertained
workforce training - smart cookie media

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

workforce training - smart cookie media

Our workforce solutions aim to:

  • Bridge the communication gap between team leaders and team members.
  • Help millennials develop interpersonal skillsand emotional intelligence.
  • Aid company environment by generating engagement and promoting empathy.
  • Help team members develop self-awareness.
  • Promote peak performance.

Our Services

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Bespoke Audiovisual Content

  • We will develop tailor-made mini drama/reality style series based on your specific industry and company environment.
  • We do this by conducting deep research into your company culture and values.
  • This video series will become a valuable digital asset for you company internal training.

Why use entertainment? As digital natives, video content consumption is second nature to millennials & Gen Z, making entertainment a key factor in reaching them.

Workshops for Team Leaders

  • We will help your team leaders:
  • Understand the millennial mindset and the impact of technology on their behaviours.
  • Advance a culture of diversity and inclusivity.
  • Engage your younger team members.
  • Build a culture of “intrapreneurship” within your firm.
workforce training - smart cookie media
workforce training - smart cookie media

Workshops for Team Members

  • Engage with their peers and seniors with understanding and empathy.
  • Learn the value of “intrapreneurship”.
  • Appreciate the importance of mental health and reflection time.
  • Adopt a healthier attitude to social media.

Career Drive

If you are looking for a ready-made solution, you might be interested in the Career Drive workplace training platform.

Career Drive is the first online platform of its kind, using 67 episodes of a mini drama series, followed by a Gogglebox-esque discussion forum moderated by a real life MD of a Fortune 100 company.

workforce training - smart cookie media

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