Why invest in LinkedIn marketing?

80%  B2B leads come from LinkedIn vs. 13% on Twitter & 7% on Facebook*

  • LinkedIn is the largest business focused digital network, with millions of professionals active in their field.
  • It’s the ultimate platform to establish your thought leadership.
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linkedin top voices 2018- somi arian

Our Founder, Somi Arian, was chosen as a LinkedIn Top Voice, thanks to her proficiency and level of engagement on the platform.

Over 70% of our business comes directly from LinkedIn.

We have developed a global network of C-Level executives on the platform, through our content strategy.

For Corporations

  • Create a unified strategy for team members.
  • Generate relevant content for your LinkedIn audience.
  • Train your team to gain and convert leads from their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Distribute your LinkedIn content, or teach your team to do this internally.
  • Run your LinkedIn advertising campaigns.
somi arian

For Personal Brands

  • Develop your profile and strategy.
  • Help you build a high quality network.
  • Create thought leadership content using your personal strengths and area of expertise.
  • Distribute your content, or train you do this yourself, effectively.
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