Our Strategy

We accomplish this by

Business Leaders 
& Athletes:

For corporate sales,
Partnerships and
brand collaborations

That can carry
Products across the

Preparing for
NuroKor’s Series A

Lack of industry and brand awareness:
Potential clients, across sectors, had little to no understanding of bioelectronic devices, the
technology or the NuroKor brand.

Business Leaders
& Athletes:
How can it benefit
my daily life?

Why would I
consider selling
NuroKor devices?

Why should I invest
within health tech
and back NuroKor?



Sharing product information, use
case scenarios, and tutorials.

Focused on showcasing client
stories on 3 fronts:
– Distributors
– Athletes & day to day people
– Business Leaders

Centred on communicating
NuroKor’s origin story, values and
educational content

Brand Thought Leadership through the Founder’s Personal Brand

– To make the technology accessible to others through educational content.
– To build brand credibility by using the Founder’s trajectory as a market leader in Bioelectronics.
– To directly engage with key players across target audiences and grow the brand’s global scope of reach.


Closed deals with both investors
and new distributors. Earned over ÂŁ300K in investment through our network.

Now forming partnerships with premier league footballers and negotiating with Boots, Argos, Halfords, and several NHS
hospitals interested on running clinical trials.

Attracted a world leading Bioelectronics professor to collaborate with NuroKor as an advisory board member.

Content Examples

Client Stories
– Distributors: pharmacists, GPs, Health clubs
– Wide variety of athletes across art forms.
– Business leaders across industries.

Content Examples

Content Buckets:
– Industry R&D
– NuroKor development
– Future of Health Tech
– Biotechnologies What, Why and How?

We accomplish this by


Our Digital Ecosystem: an ongoing process



Centred on communicating
Steinway’s heritage and values.

Content examples:
Workplace Wellbeing Workplace Engagement
Steinway Schools
– Help Musicians
– Restore the Music
– Wigmore Hall
– Baldi



Focused on showcasing client
stories on 3 fronts:
– Private Owners
– Musicians
– Institutions

Content examples:
Trinity Laban Conservatoire
Fortnum & Mason
Shoreditch Treehouse
“A Day in the Life” of a Steinway Owner
– David Montgomery
– Astrophysicist Thomas Hartquist
– Ingrid Jacoby
– Aisa Ijiri
– Ric’key Pageot



Sharing Steinway’s craftsmanship
and exquisite sound.

Content examples:
Steinway Hall Refurbishment
Diversity in Piano Models
– Model D    – Model B
– Model A    – Model AS
– Model M   – Model S
– Model O    – Model O
Spirio Indian Apple


Distributing content on the #1 Business platform, to target and engage with potential clients through a value-driven relationship where the content sparks the conversation. Lead generation as part of the corporate brand strategy, has made it possible to digitally interact with decision-makers across specific industries to meet target objectives.

Over 10,000 new followers.
Over 33,000 post views.
Over 60,000 profile views.

The Problem

The lack of a female perspective in the top tier of business and technology has never felt as pressing as today. A handful of giant tech corporations are shaping humanity’s future, all of them founded and run by men – in The West and The East alike.

The research through FemPeak’s Think Tank for Women in Business & Technology has shown us that the reason for women’s lack of presence in the top tier of socio-economic progress is a historical data-gap, an obstruction in the flow of data to women and about women. This is apparent in all areas of development, from machine learning to medicine, transportation, and economic activity. We identified six pillars that need to be built to empower women to close the gender gap

The Solution

Closing A Historical Female Data-Gap

With the help of AI and the digital economy, we can close the ‘female data gap’ and empower women to gain the knowledge, skills and support network they need to build businesses, find new opportunities, invest, and generate more wealth. This will create a positive feedback loop and an ecosystem that will help raise women’s socioeconomic status for generations to come.

FemPeak Mentorship Series

FemPeak mentorship events feature Sherpanies and Ranamas (mentors/champions) who guide participants in our six areas of focus:

Somi Arian is the founder & CEO of FemPeak, a tech philosopher, award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, and a LinkedIn-TopVoice. As a business and entrepreneurship Sherpani, Somi will share her experiences with women who want to build their own businesses, raise investment, build an audience, and develop themselves as thought-leaders in their industries
Sara Seager is an astrophysicist and a professor of physics and planetary science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As the Confidence Sherpani, Sara will share her experience and lessons learned in building a career in a male-dominated world. With her workshops, she’ll help empower women in building their confidence and tackling the challenges that occur in life.
Jessalyn Dean is a Certified Public Accountant, financial literacy advocate, public speaker, and executive mentor. She is the founder of Dune Consultants and as a finance & wealth Sherpani, Jessalyn will share her experiences and empower women to break the generational cycles of financial illiteracy, learn to invest, and take control of their finance & wealth journey.

Joti Balani is a creative architect designing and delivering complex
enterprise, human and systemic transformations with her multidimensional
framework blending AI, Data Science, Engineering and Social Sciences.
She is the founder of Freshriver.ai, FemPeak’s Technology Advisor and
Sherpani, empowering women to solve critical, global problems in business
and society with creativity and technology.

Doctor Mitzi Krockover is the Principal & Senior Consultant at SSB Solution. With over 20+ years of focus on medicine/health and women’s issues, Mitzi is FemPeak’s Women’s Health Sherpani where she will help women identify and prevent health challenges that could affect their productivity and quality of life.