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Business owners and marketers often ask me, “how many people does it take to build the perfect digital marketing department?” Or, “how much budget do we need to build a strong brand on social media”.

My answer to this is that it’s not just about how many people or how much budget you need. It’s more about how much you’ve got to say. In the right place, at the right time, and in front of the right audience, if you’ve got the right things to say, you may not need a huge amount of budget to start with.

If the quality of what you have to say is very high, and you are talking to the right audience, they will want to hear from you. Now, this was a lot easier to do five or ten years ago. Back then there was nowhere near as much content on social media.

Since there was a lot less competition, anyone with an interesting enough personality and perspective could stand out. This was how a lot of influencers gained popularity. As far as brands and companies are concerned most of them missed the boat on that one and didn’t make use of the opportunity.

Over the past decade or so, there’s been a flood of content on the internet. Unfortunately, the majority of the content out there now is so similar. The reason is that a lot of the more obvious forms of content have already been done. It’s no longer possible to make an impact very easily.

Today, you have to be a lot more original and have something really substantial to say, in order to stand out. You have to be either visually unique or the substance of your content has to be groundbreaking (for your target audience). The visual aspect has become a lot easier to do. Nowadays when I watch the BAFTA nominated films, or Amazon and Netflix series, almost everything looks visually excellent. The direction is usually very good and colour grading and lighting look perfect in most modern films.

It doesn’t matter if you are an established brand or a small business just starting out, the competition is fierce. In fact, if you are in a large company, you need to be comparing yourself to Netflix and Amazon. Look at how they are throwing money at filmmakers. They are essentially completely changing the entertainment industry. If you are a small business or a personal brand that can’t compete with their budget, then the substance of your content has to be superb.

In this competitive market, only the best of the best will make it to the top. So if you have something interesting to offer your audience, and if you can amplify that with enough of a budget for production and distribution, you still have a chance. But there has never been so much entertainment available to people as it is today. Since competing on the mere quality of the production has become easier, the substance of the content is more important than ever before. Prepare yourself for a significant shift.

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